The Bees Are Dead is officially open for business, and this is your official invitation to submit work for publication. Below are our submission guidelines – these will live permanently on our ‘Submissions‘ page. Please read the information below and get submitting!

Best wishes,
The B.A.D. Triumvirate

1) Please send up to three submissions either in the body of an email or as an attached .doc or .docx file.

2) We are having slight technical issues with our business email account, so in the meantime, please send all submissions and queries to: with your name and the type of work you are submitting in the subject line of your email. e.g.: ‘Jane Doe – Poetry’. Please also include a short biographical note in the third person – this may also include links to other sites and twitter handles etc.

3) We accept:
– Poems, with no limit on length within reason…
– Prose, preferably less than 6000 words, though longer pieces will be considered if exceptional.
– Photography, please no nudes…
– Reviews of books, single pieces or films/movies/TV shows – preferably under 1000 words.
– Videos and Audio recordings of poetry, prose or reviews.

4) As mentioned in the ‘About‘ page of this site, our niche is mainly dystopian literature; literature of a political or sci-fi bent. However, submissions of work in other genres will be considered – though please keep it relatively dark; Romance and/or Erotica is very unlikely to be published by us.

5) We will endeavour to reply to all submissions as quickly as possible, but please be patient as it can take time to read pieces in depth, and for the lead for each genre to confer with the rest of the Triumvirate.

6) Unlike many other sites/magazines, we are happy to receive previously published work – you as author retain the rights to your work but your submission does allow us to post your work online and in print (if needed), and use it for the promotion of The Bees Are Dead.

7) Unfortunately we are not in a position to pay you for your work. The Triumvirate, though rich in mind and spirit, are also struggling artists, and are therefore poor in pocket.

8) Free speech is a wonderful thing, but should also be wielded responsibly. We reserve the right to reject anything we deem as inciting hatred or violence towards the vulnerable. We want you to be politically critical, but we will not be associated with hate speech.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The B.A.D. Triumvirate


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