Breaking News: Beth Fukumoto Responds to Racist Hate Letter


Back in April, our own Dennis Villelmi interviewed principled politician Beth Fukumoto who made the gutsy decision to switch from the Republican Party to the Democrats following the installment of the Trump administration. 
Since then, she has become the target of racial abuse. Below is one example of the letters she has been receiving and her excellent and measured response.

August 16, 2017


HONOLULU, HI – After receiving a letter from a self-proclaimed Trump supporter attacking her Japanese ancestry and her support for “illegals, black thugs, Muslims and bombs, and gays,” Rep. Beth Fukumoto released the following statement. Fukumoto, who left the Republican Party earlier this year after being removed from leadership over her participation in the Hawaii Women’s March, has spoken extensively on her experiences of racism and race politics in the GOP.

“This letter isn’t the first to come across my desk, but it’s so painfully relevant to everything that has unfolded in America these last few days that I believed it needed to be addressed. This individual and their list of everything they hate was inspired by President Trump and his statements.

I worked to fight racist rhetoric when I was a member of the Republican Party, and I left when I realized I couldn’t win that fight from within. The white nationalist undercurrent of the Presidential campaign stretched far beyond Donald Trump. His success is the result of white nationalism left unchecked within the GOP for years.

Today, every elected official in the GOP needs to make a choice. Be vocal, public and specific in your opposition to prejudice everywhere – especially in the Oval Office. Or, be complicit and continue to work peacefully with a party that has gained electoral wins by building coalitions of mistrust and hate.”

For a PDF version of the official letter containing Fukumoto’s response, click the link below:
Rep. Beth Fukumoto Responds to Racism and Issues Warning to GOP_081617

CA Letter
The Racist Hate Letter


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