Roach – Wayne F. Burke

  I drove all night10 hours,central Florida, Northmy two buddies passed-outin the seatsthe Volkswagen Beetle enginehummingthe black nightthe bugs hitting the windshieldlike ping pong ballsI smoked a roachthe car began to floatthe road a golden pathwaya Donna Summer songon the radioI felt like the only personin the worldawakein the land of the snakeand crocodileon the […]

Bomber – Wayne F. Burke

  the big backyard treehard as ironhad soft smooth bark of shallow ridgesI ran my hand overand pressed my cheek againstwithout fear of splinters…It grew string bean-like pods a foot long with leathery skinand stuff like feathers insidemy Uncle said they were watermelon seedsand I wondered if it was a lie,like everything else he said.Dinner […]

Pizza – Wayne F. Burke

  a sweltering day in sultryVermontlate maylike New Orleans weatherthe three of usswimming through the humidityof Canal Streetlooking for a bartender namedRajah (Roger) fromBassten (Boston)whom we did not findand we wound-up at a campgroundoutside the cityand laid our sleeping bagson the groundand passed-outas the bugs bit downand I got up and back in the carand […]