Glass Enclosure – Ryan Quinn Flanagan

  There was a glass enclosure inside the glass enclosureto keep everything in –the glass most of all, being so breakable and dangerousto elastic blood-flush skin;dermis in the sciences, like calling a secretaryan administrative assistanteverything made more complicated than it had to beso that simple understanding could not be hadand when questions arose they were […]

The Birds of Afghanistan – Ryan Quinn Flanagan

  Saw that in Afghanistanthey have these bird bazaarswhere they string up an assortmentof dead birds: ducks, cranes, pheasantsand the likeand let them bleed outon the pavement.It’s a funny place, that Afghanistan,always fending off invadersand trafficking heroin.The years have warped them, I guess,turned them a little queer;like a dog left out in the rainthat grows […]