d.j.t. and the language of impudence – Robert Alan Rife

  you carve away your slabs of inconvenience with silver spoon,handed to you in confidence that you mightearn your own pottage.through flared nostrils, you billow and bluster. a pall of disagreeable swaggerposing as fortitude – your aftershave. middle-pack crow at best, your squawking tenormakes ears bleed that otherwise wouldn’t bother.but loudest means best when the bleating flock […]

Acedia – Robert Alan Rife

  We live life as no more than the half-shrugged shoulder of of a sleeping giant. Let the wasp sting, the filth stay, the rodents gnaw upon last year’s dinner, prepared by another.All has become nature’s disavowal of its own existence, the slowly turning roots of black.Flowers remain half-open, squinting their heavy eyes at the […]