In a World Where Birth is a Time for Grief as Soon as She Knows – Paul Brookes

    she will not forego it.Happy for it to chew on darkness, drink fetid air, have bloated ribs.She will starve it.She buys the black lace dress,gossamer veil:a frail black rosefor her pregnancy.Her spouse cowersin the corners of her busyness,helps where she’ll allow,through her stony hail of“You’ve condemned me to this.”He traces the conceptionof the […]

Afore “Get Lost!” None – Paul Brookes

  tells me owt.I’ll keep it short.Folk don’t reckon.Soft in the head. To share’s forbidden.Grip my hand, ladfor soresand livelong pain.Smell this breath,for rotten airthat’ll make you gip.Others are stench.Others touch, poison.Use ’em.Abuse ’em.In face swearersdo my head. Spoutin’ “I’m your mate.”“You’re me dad.”“I love you.”“You’re family.”Abusers. Shop ’em.Don’t come close again, lad.These boots are fedon […]

Telehaptic Love – Paul Brookes

  Thousands of miles apartwhen I touch my lipsyour lips feel my fingerswhen I massage my legsyour leg muscles move.At times I worryas the edges of my mouthdon’t turn up unexpectedly as often,perhaps you are sadder these days.I put it down to the bargain devicewe bought, as I do not feelyour heartbeat or pulse as […]

We Wait For Sick Sunblaze To – Paul Brookes

    go.Too long in the barren teethof glare,lustre is death,see this wrinkled skin,cancerous blotches,blinded by this sharp, dry lucence.The soft, sodden darkness will give us life.Make us young once more.Rub out these wrinkled laugh lines.Smile again in the night.Blood unclenches without light,opens nightscented warm inside thighs  and playful inside fragrant mouthstastes a sweetlife of […]