Style Section – Jonathan May

  the Four Seasons in the forest city has no menu;guests forage from what the chef tosses out—chanterelles, licorice, octopus, crème anglaiseeven the giant bird people drop an elk by(on occasion) and society women in Commedes Garçon ravage it with their naked mouthssusurrus of leaves and wings please auralpalates—ambiance fit for that important lunch;remember to […]

My best friend Morgan and I consider dying in the zombie apocalypse (Memphis, TN) – Jonathan May

  Paintings rot onto the marble of the Brooks Museum,fungally pink and blue and dark, almost brown, green.Garibaldi’s Pizza sign howls as wind passes throughits broken pepperoni constellation. There is no pointin trying to debeauty the thing, just because peopleate each other into a steaming thin of gore.All the fake plants stand at attention, the […]