Deep in Dorchester Bay – Jake Tringali

grim demons slumber in the sea by the thousands. floating about, deranged and bloated, looking like five-foot worms, cast into the bay by the great storms. the newest bodies, more plump, arms wide apart, hover a few feet above the sea floor, where grimy oxygen-starved blue mussels suck on mud. further on, more hideous bodies, […]

She Swallowed the Sun – Jake Tringali

beautiful and twisted, ten-thousand pairs of solar flares looped outward from the photosphere.  they sprayed and ejected and multiplied.    beneath each of those flares hid arcs of electromagnetic energy, curved through spacetime.  each arc flexed and whipped outward in its violence.   running asymptotically through each arc, in knotted dimensions, was a shadow of an equation, […]