Interview with Thom Mathews (Friday the 13th & Return of the Living Dead) – Dennis Villelmi

 Dennis Villelmi: Welcome to The Bees Are Dead, Thom!  I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to talk with you this Friday the 13th.  In the spirit of the occasion, I’d like to first ask if there are any  interesting superstitions that you adhere to? Thom Mathews: I’m not very superstitious, BUT […]

Halloween Special Interview with Marlena Midnite – Dennis Villelmi

  Dennis Villelmi: Welcome back to The Bees Are Dead, Miss Midnite!  Here it is Halloween already, and we thought who better to have as our guest than Iowa’s very own cuddly cadaver. So how have you been?  Marlena Midnite: I’ve been well thanks! Just winding down from Halloween season and getting back into writing […]

Interview with Friday the 13th Part III’s Larry Zerner – Dennis Villelmi

Dennis Villelmi: Hello, and Happy Friday the 13th, Mr. Zerner, or may we call you Larry?  Welcome to The Bees Are Dead!  We’re always honored to have alumni of the horror genre drop by to talk with us; most especially when they’ve been involved in such a revered franchise as “Friday the 13th.”   First, let […]

Interview with Elisa Alessandrini – Dennis Villelmi

  Dennis Villelmi: Welcome to The Bees Are Dead, Miss Alessandrini.  Given the current political landscape in Italy, especially in light of Brexit, the recent presidential election in France and the forthcoming election in Germany, we’re indeed privileged to have one of the frontline political soldiers here to talk with us. Elisa Alessandrini: Thanks, dear […]

Breaking News: Beth Fukumoto Responds to Racist Hate Letter

  Back in April, our own Dennis Villelmi interviewed principled politician Beth Fukumoto who made the gutsy decision to switch from the Republican Party to the Democrats following the installment of the Trump administration.  Since then, she has become the target of racial abuse. Below is one example of the letters she has been receiving […]

Interview with Hawaii State Representative Beth Fukumoto – Dennis Villelmi

  (Special thanks to Chelsea Roy, Communications Coordinator for Representative Fukumoto’s office, for arranging this interview.) Dennis Villelmi:  Before we get into your decision to leave the Republican Party, I’d like to first get your reaction to the GOP ‘s failure to repeal Affordable Care. Beth Fukumoto: After years of insisting that the ACA needed […]