Morning Glories and Mint Juleps – David Spicer

  The marauders baked like clay vasesunder the sun, dangling from the largestbare oak Blanche and I found: Peter,she said, I love these rustlers and killersjerking around forever, but next timeit’s sledgehammers and throat cutters.Vegans, we still valued our longhorns,herded them to boxcars. Eighty head—a lot of money to feed orphans.We wrestled with the moral […]

Visitor – David Spicer

  Good morning. Call me Visitor.I won’t torment you by quotingyour Book of Revelation oroverwhelm you with diatribesabout racial and religiousdivisions, for you’re all fools.I won’t surprise youwith an invite to my chaletsand their spreads, won’ttreat you with your kid glovesor a meal of goulash perfectedin a taxi’s backseat. But feel freeto tickle me in […]