Eternity is the absenceOf color: so notes the snow-blindMind. Staring into winter’s depthFrom the shelter of my chair,The light turns after a timeTo darkness; the former substanceOf my metaphysics dissolvesBefore my failing eyes. Soon,My sophistries warmed by the fire,I will again entertain KantAnd Dostoevsky, who returnWith the pleasant evenings. We talk,On the page, of […]

Fugue (After Trakl) – Cody Simpson

I hear a death rattle in the night.A soft moan in the distanceSuffuses the atmosphereWith longing. Passing cars playAn inhuman music, their howlsDrifting in from nearby highways,Dying notes on a harmonica.There is a perfect stillnessTo the land of motion, nothingStirring in the tall grasses.Tomorrow, they will be beatingThe war drums, a foreknowledgeOf the disaster moving […]

The Occupation – Cody Simpson

  The multiple terraces look downOn the mall’s mad scurrying.Its myriad distractionsCircle an empty center–All our entertainments divertThe eye from death.  Seeking to swellBarren souls into fatted selves, hardMediums succumb to the soft-Headed.  Unvisited, waresYellowed, the corner bookstoreReads like an axiom ofHistory.  What prospers is blood,The spectacle, bread and circusesIn endless rotation.  DrabLives demand nothing […]

Au Courant – Cody Simpson

  The lambent fury of the presentSmolders with the damned substanceOf our lives. Superficial fluff,Most of it, so slight its gossamerWon’t even burn. Train cars black asMidnight deliver the fuelRequired, their long chains extendingInto the infinite. Stored hatreds,Vented spleens, fire the enginesOf current events, which blur timeInto the frenzy of happenings,The spaces between them suppressed.The […]