Slow sinkingAs buildings tumble around mePalm fronts floaton an endless ocean of flotsamWe finally did itThe last bulletfired into the soft templeThe last razorbladeto be dragged down the weakened wristWe sold ourselvesfor instant gratificationThe only intellectual momentsfeigned, and made sure to be recordedA sorry state of affairs And the very worst thingis that we […]

Humans of New York – Benjamin Blake

  Back alley abortion clinicsThe homeless man stabbed to deathAnd left to bleed out on the shit-stained streetA rape on a perfect summer’s dayThe corner store cashier is beat with a sawn-off baseball batFor trying to make a livingAnd meanwhile, somewhere far from the salty tang of the AtlanticThe soldier clutching the orphaned child to […]

Subdivisions for the newly dead – Benjamin Blake

  This endless sprawl of stonesEach polished to perfectionSit behind towering black gatesGreek-pillared mausoleumsHouse mummified housewivesStagnant infinity pools overlookChoked deadened lawnsEven the dogs are deceasedCrawled under the digger’s shedTo die aloneFlowers cut, and dried a brittle brownFamily portraits faded from a scorched earth sunThere is little, or no, sustenance hereDelivered from sinInto the arms of […]