Interview with Max Wasa – Dennis Villelmi

Interviewer: Dennis Villelmi


Thanks for dropping by, Miss Wasa.

Dennis Villelmi: The name Max Wasa is one that runs through the spectrum of the entertainment industry, from film to music; so when and how did all this begin?

Max Wasa: I started at a very young age in the entertainment industry. Coming from a long line of musicians,artist and actors it was almost a requirement.

D.V: Since its inception, how has your career in the arts shaped your own philosophical outlook on the world and human nature?

M.W: There is a simple truth in the universe, entertain the soul and joy will lift the masses. Music has no language barrier. When I’m in the studio I am thinking about the people in the other side of the world and how it will translate.


D.V: Focusing on the science fiction/horror titles in your filmography, which ones would you say really struck a chord with the audience? In other words, which came closest to reality?

M.W: The horror/drama film that has struck the biggest chord with my audience has been House of Manson where I play Rosemary LaBiannca. True stories are always the hardest to pull off and Director Brandon Slagel did a great job.

D.V: Is there a particular film you’d like to be best known for, and why?

M.W: I’ve spent so much time doing film and Tv and portraying so many different rolls that you always want to be remembered for the films you have yet to do.


D.V: Given your rather deep immersion in the genre of science fiction, which films and books did you gain the most from and would recommend to others?

M.W: Books are my life. Scifi was my escape as a child growing up in a large household. I lost myself in Arthur C.Clark and Issac Asimov. Blade Runner never stopped playing. In fact I am right now on a tour bus on the road with one of my bands Tantric and we watched Bladerunner last night.

D.V: Do you think that today’s science fiction and horror movies go far enough in informing audiences about the real horrors of the present age?

M.W: What more could be dealt with on screen? No I really think they make a mockery of the real danger that awaits us.


D.V: Point blank, would you say humanity’s facing a dark, dystopian destiny?

M.W: If we do not change everything we are doing right now we are looking at a real “Blade Runner” life.


D.V: In the event of an actual apocalypse, what would Max Wasa’s final moments be like?

M.W: The funny thing about me is that I live with no fear. When a time of doom looms near I will be throwing glitter in the air ( if we have any) and singing Freddy Mercury’s “It’s a beautiful day”.


D.V: As a regular on the convention circuit, how does it feel being in the company of so many fans?  What do you come away with on a personal level?

M.W: I am so very blessed to have so many wonderful fans that have followed my long career in entertainment. I love catching up with them and finding out how they are doing in there lives. It brings me great joy to share some time, a laugh and a big hug with each and every one of them.

D.V: Tell us a little about what you do in the music industry.  Do you find it to be as rewarding as film, or more so?

M.W: Music and film go hand in hand.
As a musician ,  award winning producer, manager and writer I do it all. From film score to directing careers. I hope it all is as rewarding to the audience as it is to me.


D.V: Any projects on the horizon we should watch for?
M.W: Soooo many!
Death House will be out soon and I have a very ” interesting” role in that. Something I would not normally do but I just live the cast and crew so much I could not say no.
Check in at max Wasa official in fb for all the up and coming films, tours and comic cons.


D.V: Before we close, is there any topic, or topics, close to heart that you wish to increase awareness of?

M.W: As many of you know I fight a very tough battle with Lupus. We need a cure and we need it NOW! Please support the lupus foundation of America and your local chapters in helping us find a cure.
I also have a charity that is very close to my heart called Guitars of Love. Where we help children pay for medical cost by gathering signed musical items that we sell at auction. Please help us help these precious lives. Guitars of love❤


D.V: It’s been a real honor, Miss Wasa.  Thank you for hanging out with The Bees Are Dead for a bit.

M.W: It is my great pleasure. Be sure to tune in to my radio show the tortoise and the hare experience.
Be kind to each other, float above the noise and save water ( it will be gold at some point).


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