Halloween Special Interview with Marlena Midnite – Dennis Villelmi


Dennis Villelmi: Welcome back to The Bees Are Dead, Miss Midnite!  Here it is Halloween already, and we thought who better to have as our guest than Iowa’s very own cuddly cadaver. So how have you been? 

Marlena Midnite: I’ve been well thanks! Just winding down from Halloween season and getting back into writing episodes for the show.

DV: It was back in February when we first sat down to talk a bit about you and the Midnite Mausoleum.  So tell us, what’s happened since then? 

MM: We have some new episodes, did a few public appearances, added a couple new guest characters to the show, started steaming new episodes on saturdays…Pretty much Business as usual.

DV: You just recently appeared the annual Halloweenapalooza there in Ottumwa, Iowa; how many times have you attended this event, and how was it this year? 

MM: This will be the second year we’ve gone, it’s a great event! It had more people then last year I think, we were in a separate room tho, so, it was a bit hard to tell how many people were actually there (some might not have ventured into the vendor room)

DV: Meet any other horror celebs whom you hadn’t met before?

MM: Not really, I was behind the table except for when we took part in the panel for film makers.

DV: Are you seeing an expansion of your fan base at such events?

MM: Our fans our an amazing group of people! We see our older fans and we meet new ones pretty often too! I’m happy people are into what we are doing.

DV: Now we understand that, when you’re not in the Mausoleum, you’re a health and wellness coach. It’s like, ‘Who are you, Mystery Woman?’ How long have you been a health coach and what motivated you to do this as well? 

MM: Yep, I just finished getting certified (as a health coach haha), so I guess you could say it’s my ‘day job’. I’ve been working with people for 6 months so far, as for motivation, I needed a career that I could mold around what I needed to do for Midnite Mausoleum, and I like helping people make healthier life choices, so health coaching seemed like the choice that filled both those spaces.

DV: What are the core maxims of your own regimen? 

MM: Uh… well… Try your hardest to make yourself a little better every day, eat well and get enough sleep (I love sleeping)

DV: As we’re segueing into the holidays, a time of stress and indulgence, what advice would you have for us to mitigate the effects of that period? 

MM: Remember pretty much every one else is stressed too, especially people who have to work with the public, so try to not lose your cool? As for indulgence, I see no issues with occasional seasonal feasting, as long as it’s just occasional lol. Do you really think I’d pass up all those mashed potatoes? Have fun during the holidays, it’s a time for merriment.

DV: As you look ahead to next year, what are your plans?  What changes are in store for the Midnite Mausoleum? 

MM: We are figuring out movies for next year, so massive new plans yet. As for changes, we are constantly trying to improve everything we can, so hopefully, everything will keep getting better and better.

DV: So what will Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves being doing for this Halloween? 

MM: I can’t write for Robyn, but I’ll be shipping out orders and watching horrible movies (because it’s a Tuesday)

DV: Alright, since, unfortunately, we can’t all be there at the Savanna Times Theater, what are “Marlena Midnite ‘s Top Five Horror Flicks” for the Halloween occasion? 

MM: They constantly change but here are 6 movies I’ll be watching today:

  1. Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)
  2. The Dunwich Horror (1970) 
  3. An American Werewolf in London (1981) 
  4. The Amityville Horror (1979) 
  5. The legend of Hell House (1973) 
  6. Satan’s Blood (1978)

DV: Marlena, again this has been a real honor!  You’re indeed one of B.A.D.’s best friends; will you please join us again sometime?  Happy Halloween! 

MM: Thank you and of course. Happy Halloween!



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