We Wait For Sick Sunblaze To – Paul Brookes



Too long in the barren teeth
of glare,
lustre is death,

see this wrinkled skin,
cancerous blotches,

blinded by this sharp, dry lucence.
The soft, sodden darkness will give us life.

Make us young once more.
Rub out these wrinkled laugh lines.

Smile again in the night.
Blood unclenches without light,

opens nightscented warm inside thighs
 and playful inside fragrant mouths
tastes a sweetlife of shadows.

Darkness outside reflects
the firedark between your thighs,

welcoming wild cave of your mouth.
Our tongues play together
in the juicednight.

What has come into being in us is life,
life that is tenebrous;
eyes use what sunless gives,

dark shines in lightness,
and lightness cannot
overpower it. Aphotic.

Listen, words bear witness to dark,
so that everyone might believe through them. Words out of warm, wet atramentous mouths.

Words are not the dark,
they bear witness to the dark.

Real dark that gives dark to everyone;
it is coming into the world.

Paul Brookes has been published in many magazines in south west England. He performed as a member of the poetry in performance group “Rats for Love” and his work was included in their 1989 publication “Rats for Love: The Book” by Bristol Broadsides.
His first chapbook published in 1993 was “The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley” by Dearne Community Arts.


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