The Trees Tell Our Future – Wren Tuatha

The bark beetle blight burns
across Nimshew Ridge
and every

on the coast.

Nimshew, little water

in the language of the people
who are gone from here.
The drought weakens.

The Roundup weakens.

Three acres behind my cabin

become a Union
battlefield in the time
of Trump.
the fallen stacked

and crisscrossed, fifty score.

Open blasting blue. Exposure, some lid

lifted. This place will not be woods

again in our time.

Ponderosas are prognosticators.

township to cul de sac,
people will fall to the blight
they brought.
They bought it at the mall,
the stacking containers and dust
widgets to plug in that blink
or smell.
Trappings made in Turkey

for holidays of distraction.

Let us be thankful.

Wren Tuatha’s poetry has appeared in The Baltimore Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Loch Raven Review, Clover a Literary Rag, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Digges’ Choice, The Green Revolution, Red Fez and the anthology Grease and Tears. Wren is best known for She won a Young Authors Award in Poetry from The Courier Journal. She and her partner, Food Not Bombs author/activist C.T. Lawrence Butler, now herd goats on a mountain in California. 

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