Tolerance – Malkeet Kaur


Freedom- the vagabond is here emancipated.
Free finally to loiter naked behind iron curtains;
safe from the unmitigated unknown,
and flanked by familiarity.

She dances, abandoned to the frenetic cadence;
instinctive is the passionate, clandestine rendezvous
within virgin sheets of the diary vampiric,
afraid of daylight and the contractions of procreation.

She flirts with tolerance there in the dark:
Her world the only room within the comely xeno-bricks
where everyone takes a turn in being an individual.

To curse, puke, cuss, or ease,

She lisps lines from movies in the loneliness of liberty-

‘What business do people have in looking into others’

And here everything is fine.

A forbidden painting of a deity
dragged from atop the column to meet her feminine

Love, floating in the celluloid,
before it’s caught in the barbs.
Some verses from Lucifer;
they’re another Zafarnama roaring to winds far off.

Malkeet Kaur hails from Mumbai, India.  She works as a teacher and writes poems to express her heartfelt feelings about issues that touch her.  Many of her poems have found places in online journals and webzines.


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