Time’s Up – Scott Thomas Outlar


No time for fake cheese
No time for pretend niceties
No time to beat around the bush
No time to act as if everything is fine

it’s not

The world is a warzone
and I just want to join in

I’m only happy when I’m on fire
everything else bores me to tears
and I don’t have time
to cry over spilt milk

I’m sucking energy
straight from God’s tits
and I use teeth
so the nipples are cut and bleeding 

There is no time for gentle caresses
There is no time for pillow talk
There is no time for holding hands
There is no time for kumbaya

This life is not a song…
it is a death chant

If we’re going to dance for rain…
let’s pray it’s acid

My veins are poisoned with pestilence
My soul is shot up with scurvy
My mind is ravaged with snake oil
My heart has been pimped and sold out

There is no time left for an antidote
I don’t care about the remedy

All I want is the Apocalypse
All I need is one more dose

No time for sanity
No time for salvation
No time for kiss-kiss
No time for lovey-dovey

My finger is itchy as hell
My tongue is sharp and ready to trigger

Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site 17Numa.wordpress.com where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, and interviews can be found. His chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” was released in 2015 through Transcendent Zero Press and is available on Amazon. His poetry collections “Happy Hour Hallelujah” (CTU Publishing) and “Chaos Songs” (Weasel Press) are both forthcoming in 2016.

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