Telehaptic Love – Paul Brookes


Thousands of miles apart
when I touch my lips
your lips feel my fingers

when I massage my legs
your leg muscles move.
At times I worry

as the edges of my mouth
don’t turn up unexpectedly as often,
perhaps you are sadder these days.

I put it down to the bargain device
we bought, as I do not feel
your heartbeat or pulse as regularly.

I miss you then, my love,
and believe investment
in a better quality telehaptic

system is needed. I put credit
aside for this and would be happy
if you would do the same.

Paul Brookes has been published in many magazines in south west England. He performed as a member of the poetry in performance group “Rats for Love” and his work was included in their 1989 publication “Rats for Love: The Book” by Bristol Broadsides.

His first chapbook published in 1993 was “The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley” by Dearne Community Arts.


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