Slow sinking
As buildings tumble around me
Palm fronts float
on an endless ocean of flotsam
We finally did it
The last bullet
fired into the soft temple
The last razorblade
to be dragged down the weakened wrist
We sold ourselves
for instant gratification
The only intellectual moments
feigned, and made sure to be recorded
A sorry state of affairs

And the very worst thing
is that we were content
to skip merrily
down each new step
toward this calamitous conclusion
We truly deserve this
Good riddance


Benjamin Blake was born in 1985, and grew up in the small town of Eltham. He is the author of the novel, The Devil’s Children, and the poetry and prose collections, Southpaw Nights and Reciting Shakespeare with the Dead, and Standing on the Threshold of Madness. Find more of his work at

Praise for Standing on the Threshold of Madness and Benjamin Blake 

“I was most impressed with Standing on the Threshold of Madness. These dark, brooding vignettes do far more than send a shudder up one’s spine (although they do that again and again, with elegance and panache). Benjamin Blake has found a way to infuse into his horrific lyrics a keen sensitivity to human emotions, an understanding of the fragility of life, and a bleak portrayal of the evanescence of all existence. This is a volume that aficionados of weird poetry will want to read over and over.”–S. T. Joshi

“Benjamin Blake relishes funereal lyricism with a spice of surrealism.” – Ramsey Campbell

“Language and imagery rule in this collection of dark visions. Blake has a distinctive voice, rich in surrealism, and he uses it to considerable effect.” – Bruce Boston, SFPA Grandmaster Poet

“A plethora of dark and haunting poems that could be likened to a bone chilling symphony overall!  Mood enhancing language that will curdle the blood, and excellent, original imagery!” – Marge Simon, Bram Stoker Award winning poet

Photo credit: Manzoor Ahmad [CC BY 3.0 (]

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