Speech and Communications In The New World – James Diaz

Eat your amphetamine- tell me everything about the place- buyer beware there is a tiger in the psyche of this shitty world they are cultivating downstairs- nothing works the pipes are all leaking- no one believes things will change- people decorate their words with “look at me, look at me” there is flame down below – you will feel it when you lie down next to the imprint of those prior women- last night the night before in his head it was all explosions- all fourth of July- all blah blah blah- I summer in the Hamptons- I went to Wharton- soda like smile- snake charmer with adolescent ideas of the eternal- you’ll get yours- not really- this theory has been proven false again and again- flag wavers picture themselves so brave- oh God here comes the anthem- you ain’t seen nothin’ yet- I’ve seen plenty and I don’t wanna see no more- purity is gone- love is gone- I know the dreamer shits himself to sleep at night- I know it’s naivety to hope for otherwise- I know it was like this before I bought the damn thing- I know the important stuff cannot be communicated- to anyone- ever.




 James Diaz is the founding editor of the literary arts & music journal Anti-Heroin Chic. His work has appeared most recently in HIV Here & NowFoliate OakChronogram, and Apricity. His first book of poems, This Someone I Call Stranger, is forthcoming from Indolent Books (2017.)

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