‘Nightfall’ & ‘Soulless’ – Jen Persichetti



Dark velvet nights and betrayal consume me
It’s been an eternity since I last saw the sun
Emotions ran high that night, as we recited our truth
I reminisce on the past as if it was an hour ago…
You would always list my worst qualities before my best
I admire your manipulation –
To this day I have no use for wishbones and butterflies
Scorpions and black sparrows are my weakness
Who needs daylight when the darkness and fog guide you?
The moon has become my muse and I live just to execute the sun


To be soulless is an art
An art you have taught me – and taught me well
My heart has yet to thaw and I crave afternoons of solitude

Cold winter mornings entice me and I despise junipers in Spring
Storm clouds and abandoned farmhouses sit atop mountains of lies
I count the minutes until the sun goes down, so I can bask in the moonlight of deceit

Chrome edged stars litter the sky and each one holds a secret…
Night has never looked so good

Jen Persichetti holds a Bachelors in Journalism and is a member of IAPWE – International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. Writing has always come naturally to her. It is her first love….she can’t get enough. Jen decided to pursue writing because nothing brings her more joy than to put pen to paper. A collection of Jen’s work has been growing over the years as personal journal entries. She hopes to share them with the world one day…Jen is striving to make that aspiration a reality. 


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