Once Lost – Kristina Pervanas


Wandering down the dirt path towards the old iron gates.
Broken, they creak open
rust crumbling
paint chipping
falling onto the unfurled sleeping flowers
that are as cold as the stone which reads,
‘Once Lost, Always Loved’

I amble down the path
following the finger like tree branches
broken down, pointing in the right direction.
I know I’m entering anonymous territory,
although it’s not clear whether
it’s some kind of strange warning or welcome.
I am only passing through and not waiting
around long enough to find out.

Finally, a small quiet clearing;
the soft mounds of freshly dug dirt surround
my final resting place.
It feels as though I’ve crawled my way here.
Hands and knees are sore and sullied.
Exhausted from the journey I have taken, with eyes barely wide
I look for the right place to lay my head.
I then tumble into the open earth;
I round my arms to cover myself
with the soil tempered with pine and maple.

I close my eyes
I exhale
and give permission to the darkness
to take me to where I am lost and always loved.


Kristina Pervanas is a full-time swimsuit designer who graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a BFA in Fashion Design and a creative writing minor with a focus on poetry.  This is her first published piece of poetic nature.  In addition to working in the fashion industry, she runs her own creative blog space, “Chrysanthemmum” where she publishes articles about artists, fashion, travel, and other lifestyle topics.  She hopes to continue her poetry writing and self-publish her chapbook in the future.  Kristina resides in Southern New Jersey with her black cat, Cinder.


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