It’s a Long Road – Isaac Gathings

Haunted buildings stand gaurd,

Over memories of ghosts,

A sighing breeze comes,

Rustling the hair of earth,

The people’s tears ran dry,

It’s a phantoms story,

The world crackles,

Fire spits forth to the heavens,

Bombs spoke our words,

Bullets solved our equations,

Like cracked lips,

Earth has split,

Through the ghost of rubble,

His feet surge forward,

Onto the long road.

Isaac Gathings is a St. Louis native is a self published poet who spends his time motivating others to write using the art of poetry. In 2012 Isaac Gathings self published his first book: Poems Of The Heart. You can follow Isaac Gathings on WordPress@ isaacunleased, and Twitter @isaac_gathings.

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