ID – Duane Vorhees

             (4 T. S. Le0)

R h:
n h f xs,–p & V-O;
n h f b9 tv, n ic 4m, n mt sa;
a c f Lezn vdo fx 2 nv;
h lo 2 p n2, hs nme 2 ko (n i 4 n i 4 n i—i! i! i!)
kg 4n mhs 2 xp8;
h st u 4 ne k9,
ne ez xtc (4 f e).

I 4c a q 2 8 n b4 bn’ u4es. Y?


                             A L? (a c6 sos?)—

Y m I?

Duane Vorhees is now securely settled in Farmersville, Ohio, 50 years after he left there to go exploring. In the intervening years he lived in Canada, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and other exotic places like Charleston, South Carolina. He spends his time curating, a daily webzine devoted to the creative arts.

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