The Hidden Player (The Starvation Pages: Part 1) – Dennis Villelmi

                                        “The Hidden Player”
   -‘It’s like water lilies drifting through Hell…
 How venomous the heights have become, so much so
    that it becomes necessary to weld together a “personal Lucifer.”
 Again, my skyline is the sharp shiv, with all wounds
   my morn and eve;
Again, I begin as the Dog ‘s hymn.
‘ “Million Street: the bad breath of yesterday has reached the
    shore of this next Age -this next cadaver- and I’m eager to be
    off my leash and away from the electrical miracles of His
    starry deathbed.
    Father kept me far too long; kept me to the point where I’m
    now a monster of many meanings, like the ones I’ve seen
    coast up between Christ’s toes when He stands naked in Spring.
    As the bells continue to ring for the occasion of Lethal Infancy,
    I’m as always chasing down the Priceless Anatomy;
       perhaps it’s my affinity for the painted of Million Street.
                  …Rip them nimbly; rip them when the flambeaus
               are nixed… 
   Was it the last era that saw Erewhon suspend itself?  But see 
       that I have chosen the neutral cathedral as my hiding place.
    In  the brownout there I have found that a man can yet be a
    mountain, even as bare feet upon damp stone lead the way to
    anathema.  There’s a trinity to be found in diseases.
    Graffiti, the alpha and omega of my revelations, as
    The towers trumpet louder now than the angels ever did,
    With a goodbye to hymns as the Goshen-mongrels succumb
        to hunger. (Theirs is not the blame.)
    And at last, the fugitive chariot has been starved to a standstill;
    but where hides the Priceless Anatomy, her fingerprints the
    capitals of Babylon and so on?
    Must the bleached easy oratory again run red for her to come
        out and stand naked in Spring?
    Under an apron morning I go forth, “Venus” secreted, to
    where the wilting lilies gather east,
        beyond the hands of daughters.


Dennis Villelmi is a poet, an author and one-third of B.A.D.’s editorial triumvirate. His compositions have featured in many of the darkest recesses of the literary world, both off and online, and a portion of these have recently been translated into Albanian – in order that his words may spread to those hitherto sheltered by their south-easterly geography… The above piece is the first in an unholy series inspired, and approved of, by the works of Richard Patterson (whose credentials are below).

***Richard Patterson has an extensive background researching Francis Thompson as a subject for the Jack the Ripper murders.  He is a self-published author and has had several articles published in prominent publications throughout the world.  His next book, on the theory that Thompson was the Ripper, will soon be published by Austin & Macauley.  Richard has traveled the world for over twenty years gathering evidence for his book.  He was a key speaker at the annual “Jack the Ripper Conference,” held in England.  His website,, has much information, including articles, press reports, and interviews.



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