George Clooney Steps in Drying Concrete – Riley Woods


I, knowing she gazes from the nonexistent,
walk an ordinary street, pockets stuffed w/ bricks,

steel-housed toes sinking into pavement.
nobody sees a star conceived to lose itself,
pale pulling away from skin. nobody tastes
the strain pop-flash- coloring the void

behind my eyes. everything unchanged,
everything earthbound— I am gravity

abandoned, artifice atomizing into unknown
nothing. I will fray in her frictionless,
in plot given way to cinematography—
I, object of observation, lover exfoliating

in light, buildup of being turning sinuous,
a departure blurred— will expand in silence,

the minuscule of my makeup exploding,
fractured solidity enveloping me in fluid of emergence.
here, I pass from rooted man to hungering
space, platitude a semblance only, her empty

weight careening through me— a history
written in inception— aimlessly, I continue.

Riley Woods is a recent graduate of Stetson University. He plans to continue his education by pursuing an MFA in Poetry. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Oberon Poetry Magazine, Stetson’s Touchstone (Poetry Award Winner), and Backlash Press.


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