the everyday apocalypse – Jake Tringali

babies born
babies born broken      broken with blood infections
babies birthing too early           out and abandoned
babies malformed and deformed     with bad hearts

children suffer illness         pneumonia and colds
young breaths snuffed             cut slashed burnt
a child drowns                   ten children poisoned
some bruised faces             many bodies stabbed

soft adults with solid tumors         burst blood
blunt force head trauma        delirium brained
exhausted livers            guns drugs noose pills

communities torn asunder        decaying in pieces
spoiled water                       the flight of the youth
living in the past                               building walls

civilizations dissolving          rising waters
bubbles appear                    bubbles burst
civil strife                       wartorn to pieces

humankind extinction        large-scale volcanism
viral pandemic                  local gamma-ray burst
nuclear fallout                           a quiet omnicide

babies born broken


After living in Los Angeles for many years, Jake is now back in his home city of Boston.  Runs rad restaurants.  Thrives in a habitat of bars, punk rock shows, and late-night adventures.  His first book Poetry for the Neon Apocalypse is available on Amazon.

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