Epiphany – Jonel Abellanosa

After the visual art Fire Ants by Lisa Marie Peaslee

Gut feeling led me back to the microscope,
patient zero’s blood sample.  I thought I’ve grown cold
after months of panic attacks proved more genocidal,
survivors with animal instincts, destroying, looting
for one more sunrise.  What I saw magnified
burned in my stomach: nothing as alive, colony
of killers with mandibles, antennae, moving its
mutated kaleidoscope like a wheel of misfortune.
I touched the slide, and it stilled.  No human stared
like that, eyes probing the source of disturbance.
Now I’m certain what consumed three quarters
of mankind.  I know which human values to
weaponize and launch Earth’s counterattack.

Jonel Abellanosa resides in Cebu City, the Philippines.  His poetry has appeared in numerous journals including Rattle, Poetry Kanto, Anglican Theological Review and The McNeese Review, his speculative poetry in Star*Line, Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, Eye to the Telescope, Pedestal, GNU Journal, Liquid Imagination, Inkscrawl and Inwood Indiana Press.  His poetry has been selected for the 2015 Dwarf Stars Anthology of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.  He has two chapbooks, “Pictures of the Floating World” (Kind of a Hurricane Press) and “The Freeflowing All” (Black Poppy Review).


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