In The Desert – Stephen Jarrell Williams


We were traveling in the desert on a two-lane highway
Dad was driving
My mother sitting in the front seat with him

I don’t remember where we were
Clear blue sky and sand stretching forever on both sides

I was in the backseat
In the middle with a younger brother on each side of me
Tom and Brad
I wasn’t a teenager yet
Still young and having dreams every night
Lots of dreams more spectacular than the movies back then

Never will forget
Dad suddenly blurting it out to Mom
As he continued watching the road ahead
You know they took me up in a flying saucer

Mom gave it a quick frown and said
Oh Billy…

He was a writer
Lots of stories
He was quite a character

Dad became serious
A profile I had never seen
Looking over to my mother
Forgetting about us three boys in the backseat

He said sternly
They did!

He wasn’t joking
Mom said nothing

Dad turning his eyes back to the long highway in the desert.

Not so long ago, Stephen Jarrell Williams was called by some, the Great Poet of Doom…  Now, he writes at night, enthused, and waiting for the Coming Good Dawn.


One thought on “In The Desert – Stephen Jarrell Williams

  1. A fine example of “crossroads verse;” the anecdotal intersecting with the surreal, the unexpected. Memory’s lane winding back, till hitting a marker that briskly turns our heads straight to possibility oncoming, only to find the same come-hither horizon we left a moment ago. It’s good to see a well-known editor in his own right- Mr. Stephen Jarrell Williams- this side of the pen.

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