Au Courant – Cody Simpson


The lambent fury of the present
Smolders with the damned substance
Of our lives. Superficial fluff,
Most of it, so slight its gossamer

Won’t even burn. Train cars black as
Midnight deliver the fuel
Required, their long chains extending

Into the infinite. Stored hatreds,
Vented spleens, fire the engines
Of current events, which blur time
Into the frenzy of happenings,

The spaces between them suppressed.
The daedal networks sizzle
With the gossip of the moment.

All former things are consumed, our sacs
Full to bursting with their soot.
The whole land blazes, forgotten–
And we take refuge in its ashes.


Cody Simpson is a young poet from Southeast Missouri currently at work on his first book.  His work has appeared in The Cape Rock.


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