As Zion’s Drawn (The Starvation Pages: Part 2) – Dennis Villelmi


                                   “As Zion’s Drawn”

Don’t stand there and scowl at me,
    as if I now stand an accused “collector.”
I told you the roles wouldn’t work; they never have.

   You, costumed vatican hound of the sterile “mounds;”
you’ve had me stand my back to this sickeningly white and pauline
wall, and I’ve humored your belief that you could cause me to mute the song.

 The song -sibling to the muted scream- suffers not Golgotha, nor Subasio, anymore than it did the Druids, Zeus, or the Phrygian skinner, looking over his shoulder east to the ivory chantry.

   Elderly stench in the pigpen pews, whence come loudly the
paeans for the hallowed clouds; that’s the only thing I’ve to
complain of.

Just check the fleshy ledger, why don’t you, and see what an
    impressive collector your Almighty is;
…from the first instance he led our species to the trough.

                            Trough.  Deity.  Species.  Scythe.

      All blessed; all divine and waxing well past the Adam’s grave.

It amuses me still to behold you, costumed against the fate in the
against the severed limbs aspiring in their vanity to the likeness
    of Sinai.

   I pull the rooted lamps, the faces stretched over their skulls to
the point of iconography. And intoxicated with autumn scents I see totality staining the palms of your God, as it has mine.

     Totality of outbreaks!
     Totality of shipwrecks!
     Totality of invasion of wombs by ophidians and lightning.

Don’t stand there now and scowl at me in monument;
   at the rope’s end I’ve hung my soul above Glory’s ulcers.

Athwart, I swing to hymns of the innards.
Zion comes in the form of tomorrow;
   its mien, the Famine.


Dennis Villelmi is a poet, an author and one-third of B.A.D.’s editorial triumvirate. His compositions have featured in many of the darkest recesses of the literary world, both off and online, and a portion of these have recently been translated into Albanian – in order that his words may spread to those hitherto sheltered by their south-easterly geography… The above piece is the second ravenous installment of the unholy series inspired, and approved of, by the works of Richard Patterson (whose credentials are below).

***Richard Patterson has an extensive background researching Francis Thompson as a subject for the Jack the Ripper murders.  He is a self-published author and has had several articles published in prominent publications throughout the world.  His next book, on the theory that Thompson was the Ripper, will soon be published by Austin & Macauley.  Richard has traveled the world for over twenty years gathering evidence for his book.  He was a key speaker at the annual “Jack the Ripper Conference,” held in England.  His website,, has much information, including articles, press reports, and interviews.


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