Scars and Stains – B Anne Adriaens


Wild West Cornwall
Wild West Cornwall – B Anne Adriaens


Val St Lambert
Val St Lambert – B Anne Adriaens


Noisy – B Anne Adriaens


H15 – B Anne Adriaens


H15 (2)
H15 ii – B Anne Adriaens


Fussels – B Anne Adriaens


Doel – B Anne Adriaens


Doel 2
Doel ii – B Anne Adriaens


CWM – B Anne Adriaens


CWM ii – B Anne Adriaens


Blast furnace
Blast Furnace – B Anne Adriaens


Blast furnace 2
Blast Furnace ii – B Anne Adriaens


B. Anne Adriaens is mainly a fiction writer, though she regularly feels the need to complement her prose with poetry, as the latter allows for a different type of expression. Yet whether her writing takes the form of a dystopian story (often with a fantastical twist) or a poem inspired by her wanderings, it tends to reflect her concerns about pollution, diversity depletion and the environment in general, depicting a world where society as we know it has collapsed. She’s currently working on a novel entitled The Past is but a Song, which weaves several narrative strands into a tapestry spanning many centuries, from medieval past to anticipated future.

Online, you can contact her via her blog , Facebook under B Anne Adriaens and Flickr, where you will find (among other things) photos of the derelict places which inspired her.


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