Rivals – Paul Gerrard (Art)


Paul Gerrard’s Dark Fantasy Art book includes Lovecraftian nightmares, bio-mechanical monsters, Masters of the Universe 80’s reimagined

 Gerrard’s current collection of ALL NEW illustrations for RIVALS is split into six chapters, each exploring facets of Gerrard’s dark, phantasmagorical imagination. RIVALS includes wasteland warriors, Lovecraftian giants and bio-mechanical torsos, 80’s cartoon characters such as Skeletor and He-Man re-imagined, fantasy tree nymphs, fallen angels and much more! 

“For the first time in my career I have been taking requests from fans and its has been a lot of fun. Just some of the requests so far that are on my “to do” list for artwork to be inspired by: Thundercats, M.A.S.K, Lovecraft Elder Ones, Githyanki from D&D, Beholder, Even a bio-mech/cyberpunk version of Inspector Gadget!” 

If you would like to contribute towards Paul Gerrard’s work, you can visit his Kickstarter page here.

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