Hellraiser Origins (artwork) – Paul Gerrard

And now, without further ado, the infernal world of Paul Gerrard.
Re: the Hellraiser Origins artwork, he had this to say: “I think only that this truly is a dream project. It encapsulates everything I am fascinated with in art, design and esoteric culture. We might not have a Hollywood budget, but I still see this hitting the cinema, that’s how much faith I have in the script and the team to pull off the true vision of the feature.” Now, it should be noted that Paul wrote and co-produced this project and of course provided the concept art. It took two years to go from the drawing board to a two minute teaser trailer, which was directed by Mike Le Han. The end result debuted in 2013. It should be said that for those whose love of horror and occult was either born of, or refined by, the discovery of Clive Barker  but who’ve witnessed in sheer disenchantment the depreciation of the Hellraiser franchise, this project was meant as a much-needed re-imagining.

Cenobites (Concept designs for ‘Hellraiser Origins”) – Paul Gerrard


Cenobites (Concept designs for ‘Hellraiser Origins”) – Paul Gerrard


Cenobites (Concept designs for ‘Hellraiser Origins”) – Paul Gerrard




New Eden (Concept designs for ‘Hellraiser Origins”) – Paul Gerrard



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