Gerrardian: Monochromatic Beginnings – Paul Gerrard


Since the emergence of the human faculty, Form has played a curiously dual role of reference and security. As the more meditative of our species started taking stock of all figures and physiques gathered under the celestial lamp, it followed that the anatomy of divinity itself could be seen. Yet, there were -and still are- the exceptions. What was misshapen, malformed, disfigured had obviously failed the rites of passage, from the primordial to luminescence. Relegated to the margins of cognizance, theirs was not to be the honor of preservation in marble, fresco, or portraiture. Call it Classical Syndrome, if you will, the majority of artists have exhibited the same points of serene reference that assured earlier humans that Light would ever be the rampart against the Dark. Yet, among the artists, too, there are the exceptions; those who see that in Darkness there is far more beauty than could ever be seen by Elysium’s unbolted portal. 
One such artist has been both friend and regular contributor to The Bees Are Dead; a man whose early intimacy with the inviolable blackness before the beginnings can now be seen on the pages of a book which is purely… “Gerrardian.”

That’s right! Gerrardian as in concept artist Paul Gerrard. B.A.D. has had the good fortune of featuring Paul’s work on several occasions. (We recently brought you his design work for a reimagined Masters of the Universe.) And as Paul now has an active Kickstarter campaign to promote his new book, “Gerrardian 01 Monochromatic Beginnings,” (the first sensational volume of ten cataloging his work from the past decade and a half) The Bees Are Dead is naturally buzzing about with the news of this promotion so that you, our followers, might participate. You have only to look at the samples we have featured on site to see that this is art of both the boldest and most surreal sort; it is Paul Gerrard ‘s journey beyond initiations where the arguments between light and dark as he has witnessed them produce forms as unsettling as they are unforgettable. 

To see more of Paul Gerrard’s spectacular artistry, visit his book’s facebook.

And if you are feeling generous and wish to contribute financially to the upcoming Gerrardian series, please follow this link


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