I had a dream last night. The whole Midwest was a plain parched with thirst, its grasses crying out for rain. Wildfires raged, the buds of the earth too scorched to bloom. A muffled hunger moved through everyone I saw. Their stomachs ached for something other than the bread you once gave. A need […]


  as death—“what’s happened to my son?” the eyes, so tightly closed elvin frail and pale questions she should never ask.   screams and tries to look behind the smile reclining in his midnight coffin pulls apart his lids in hope of finding answers.     Holly Day’s poetry has recently appeared in Plainsongs, The […]


  i return             as most do                   to die you see            i am weary of travel a wheel i had to break before this carcass disintegrated into unfamiliar dust death must come for me where my name is known                   where the ground will accept my bones   Paul Robert Mullen is a poet, musician and sociable […]


  Only buzzards fly in these stale skies, only thin shapeless clouds pass over the iron sun. The moon seems little different, perhaps made from tin, and those clouds don’t much care whose light they sop up. Trees once tenderly shielded their daisy cousins, but no leaves stay on the spider-leg branches and bark has […]


After the photograph, “The Unrepentant” by CM Goodenbury   Which did I see first: the crimson leather of the barber chair or the dingy skylight overhead? This crumbling dungeon is no ordinary salon. No easy listening here. No poster of radiant models with perfect hair. And who was the last customer to get the chair? […]

Interview with Friday the 13th Part III’s Larry Zerner – Dennis Villelmi

Dennis Villelmi: Hello, and Happy Friday the 13th, Mr. Zerner, or may we call you Larry?  Welcome to The Bees Are Dead!  We’re always honored to have alumni of the horror genre drop by to talk with us; most especially when they’ve been involved in such a revered franchise as “Friday the 13th.”   First, let […]

Interview with Elisa Alessandrini – Dennis Villelmi

  Dennis Villelmi: Welcome to The Bees Are Dead, Miss Alessandrini.  Given the current political landscape in Italy, especially in light of Brexit, the recent presidential election in France and the forthcoming election in Germany, we’re indeed privileged to have one of the frontline political soldiers here to talk with us. Elisa Alessandrini: Thanks, dear […]