Review: Barbie Wilde’s ‘Voices of the Damned’ – Dennis Villelmi

Let’s be honest with ourselves: no matter what degree of sweet sheen and serenity we could be graced with, we each feel that there’s always an occasion for, well,…Hell.  For instance, Dante Alighieri’s “Commedia:” weighed in all its fourteenth-century vernacular glamour, nonetheless, it is the song of the “Inferno” that ever tips the scales.  Sure, […]

CWM – B Anne Adriaens

  Wild strawberries push through the cracks, their redness laid-out on the concrete leaving a juicy thought on my tongue. My taste buds remember the flavour: a yearning swiftly swept aside to be ignored, for I tread among frail trees and brambles feeding on arsenic,to where rainbows shimmer in the puddles, while fumes pervade the […]