Halloween Special Interview with Marlena Midnite – Dennis Villelmi

  Dennis Villelmi: Welcome back to The Bees Are Dead, Miss Midnite!  Here it is Halloween already, and we thought who better to have as our guest than Iowa’s very own cuddly cadaver. So how have you been?  Marlena Midnite: I’ve been well thanks! Just winding down from Halloween season and getting back into writing […]

Review: Barbie Wilde’s ‘Voices of the Damned’ – Dennis Villelmi

Let’s be honest with ourselves: no matter what degree of sweet sheen and serenity we could be graced with, we each feel that there’s always an occasion for, well,…Hell.  For instance, Dante Alighieri’s “Commedia:” weighed in all its fourteenth-century vernacular glamour, nonetheless, it is the song of the “Inferno” that ever tips the scales.  Sure, […]