She Swallowed the Sun – Jake Tringali

beautiful and twisted, ten-thousand pairs of solar flares looped outward from the photosphere.  they sprayed and ejected and multiplied.    beneath each of those flares hid arcs of electromagnetic energy, curved through spacetime.  each arc flexed and whipped outward in its violence.   running asymptotically through each arc, in knotted dimensions, was a shadow of an equation, […]

Afore “Get Lost!” None – Paul Brookes

  tells me owt.I’ll keep it short.Folk don’t reckon.Soft in the head. To share’s forbidden.Grip my hand, ladfor soresand livelong pain.Smell this breath,for rotten airthat’ll make you gip.Others are stench.Others touch, poison.Use ’em.Abuse ’em.In face swearersdo my head. Spoutin’ “I’m your mate.”“You’re me dad.”“I love you.”“You’re family.”Abusers. Shop ’em.Don’t come close again, lad.These boots are fedon […]

Visitor – David Spicer

  Good morning. Call me Visitor.I won’t torment you by quotingyour Book of Revelation oroverwhelm you with diatribesabout racial and religiousdivisions, for you’re all fools.I won’t surprise youwith an invite to my chaletsand their spreads, won’ttreat you with your kid glovesor a meal of goulash perfectedin a taxi’s backseat. But feel freeto tickle me in […]


                                               Abused and tortured, acrimoniously                                                displayed on Dragon Poles,                                                some of us were able                                                to get a leg up                                                bodies into the wind,                                                like flags or something.                                                Others were a disappointment                                                still standing on end.                                                Of course the crowd complained                                                withheld their encouragement,                                                only cheering […]

Roach – Wayne F. Burke

  I drove all night10 hours,central Florida, Northmy two buddies passed-outin the seatsthe Volkswagen Beetle enginehummingthe black nightthe bugs hitting the windshieldlike ping pong ballsI smoked a roachthe car began to floatthe road a golden pathwaya Donna Summer songon the radioI felt like the only personin the worldawakein the land of the snakeand crocodileon the […]

Glass Enclosure – Ryan Quinn Flanagan

  There was a glass enclosure inside the glass enclosureto keep everything in –the glass most of all, being so breakable and dangerousto elastic blood-flush skin;dermis in the sciences, like calling a secretaryan administrative assistanteverything made more complicated than it had to beso that simple understanding could not be hadand when questions arose they were […]

I woke – Matthew J Hall

from a bleak sleepmy eyes were soreand streamingin my dream I saw godhe was a sad typedeprived of sleephe was sittingin a chairin a small roomI spoke to himI said,hellohe openedhis eyesbut he couldn’tseehe said,I don’t knowwhat to doI said,nobody doeshe was stilllikeold stonehe didn’t tell mebut I could tellhe’d forgotten howto movehe said,I’m so […]