Yage and Mezcalito Euphoria – Catfish McDaris

  Astride a flying llamaseeking yage children with no bonesjunkie gringos shooting mezcalito wormsfrom the heads of beautiful senoritasThe Andes comb the skyfor clouds and thunderpain dances on the horizonwith Aztec dragons and jade jaguarsSaturn and Jupiter make love to the sunFrequent coincidence is not happenstancea force beyond comprehension drivesforgotten rain ghost faces and moon […]

Operation Staffhound – Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron (Read by Eric Robert Nolan)

“This is a book someone could turn into a Hollywood movie… a triumph of risk” – Ira Lightman, Ink Sweat & Tears.Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron’s The Pustoy was released in 2014 by Dagda Publishing. A dystopian novella-in-verse, The Pustoy speaks of a near-future Britain, and the blind eye it appears to be turning to an ongoing, mass genocide. The […]

It’s a Long Road – Isaac Gathings

Haunted buildings stand gaurd,Over memories of ghosts,A sighing breeze comes,Rustling the hair of earth,The people’s tears ran dry,It’s a phantoms story,The world crackles,Fire spits forth to the heavens,Bombs spoke our words,Bullets solved our equations,Like cracked lips,Earth has split,Through the ghost of rubble,His feet surge forward,Onto the long road. Isaac Gathings is a St. Louis native […]

Fissure – Wren Tuatha

You have effected a masterful disturbance upon the landscape of my face. It’s your m.o., it keeps you dealer, driver, maestro, Holder of the stick at the end of the carrot, the one and only well of maternal approval.Dry, dry–I drop my divining rod in favor of an oil drill. But in the dust bowl […]