Strong Current – Dah Helmer

(After Trump) This latest disappointment a flare of rancid diction   such bitterness spoiling the world He thinks we’re his peopleWith despicable barking his dog-language skins the purity of human ethics of human goodness   We the people must lay traps or corner this animal in the dirt it rose from stack it in piles […]

The Birds of Afghanistan – Ryan Quinn Flanagan

  Saw that in Afghanistanthey have these bird bazaarswhere they string up an assortmentof dead birds: ducks, cranes, pheasantsand the likeand let them bleed outon the pavement.It’s a funny place, that Afghanistan,always fending off invadersand trafficking heroin.The years have warped them, I guess,turned them a little queer;like a dog left out in the rainthat grows […]

Acedia – Robert Alan Rife

  We live life as no more than the half-shrugged shoulder of of a sleeping giant. Let the wasp sting, the filth stay, the rodents gnaw upon last year’s dinner, prepared by another.All has become nature’s disavowal of its own existence, the slowly turning roots of black.Flowers remain half-open, squinting their heavy eyes at the […]