Subdivisions for the newly dead – Benjamin Blake

  This endless sprawl of stonesEach polished to perfectionSit behind towering black gatesGreek-pillared mausoleumsHouse mummified housewivesStagnant infinity pools overlookChoked deadened lawnsEven the dogs are deceasedCrawled under the digger’s shedTo die aloneFlowers cut, and dried a brittle brownFamily portraits faded from a scorched earth sunThere is little, or no, sustenance hereDelivered from sinInto the arms of […]

Survival of the Fittest – Howard Debs

  The aid which we feel impelled to give to the helpless is mainly an incidental result of theinstinct of sympathy. …………………………………………………………………..—Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man She is juststarting out in lifeshe is fed by amachine breatheswith the aid ofanother machinetake away themachines, she dies.She is on a bus drivingin darkness to reachWashington D.C.she […]

New Normal – Jon Bennett

  Larry sat in the day roomand looked at the clockIt was 1:22He looked at the TVthen back at the clock2:22, 2:22, 2:222:22?  A whole hour lost!?He bolted from the roomand ran down the stairsbut time had slowedand an hour laterhe was still on themFinally, he made itto the Staff Office“Yooou neeeeed sommmething?”said a counselorLarry’s […]

Advertisement – Neil Creighton

For sale, Planet Earth, The Solar System, Orion Arm, The Milky Way. This planet, filled with abundant life and suggestion of spirit-force, is slightly used but has great potential. Prospective buyers will notice some wear at the Poles, difficulty with the air-conditioning, considerable habitat loss, coral bleaching, and species extinction due to short-term thinking from […]

In a World Where Birth is a Time for Grief as Soon as She Knows – Paul Brookes

    she will not forego it.Happy for it to chew on darkness, drink fetid air, have bloated ribs.She will starve it.She buys the black lace dress,gossamer veil:a frail black rosefor her pregnancy.Her spouse cowersin the corners of her busyness,helps where she’ll allow,through her stony hail of“You’ve condemned me to this.”He traces the conceptionof the […]