What a Waste of a Wasteland – Gwil James Thomas

  Pandora’s box was opened. Stripped down scapegoats sacrificed to slurred chants and filled out football stadiums as the cinematic promises of the future once projected decades ago proved as false as the next promised paradise. Release the hounds, the drones and all the nukes! Paradise was finally found ………….burnt down,lost along with truth and everything else as the price of life got cheaper by the […]


  Slow sinkingAs buildings tumble around mePalm fronts floaton an endless ocean of flotsamWe finally did itThe last bulletfired into the soft templeThe last razorbladeto be dragged down the weakened wristWe sold ourselvesfor instant gratificationThe only intellectual momentsfeigned, and made sure to be recordedA sorry state of affairs And the very worst thingis that we […]

Humans of New York – Benjamin Blake

  Back alley abortion clinicsThe homeless man stabbed to deathAnd left to bleed out on the shit-stained streetA rape on a perfect summer’s dayThe corner store cashier is beat with a sawn-off baseball batFor trying to make a livingAnd meanwhile, somewhere far from the salty tang of the AtlanticThe soldier clutching the orphaned child to […]

Deep in Dorchester Bay – Jake Tringali

grim demons slumber in the sea by the thousands. floating about, deranged and bloated, looking like five-foot worms, cast into the bay by the great storms. the newest bodies, more plump, arms wide apart, hover a few feet above the sea floor, where grimy oxygen-starved blue mussels suck on mud. further on, more hideous bodies, […]


  Eternity is the absenceOf color: so notes the snow-blindMind. Staring into winter’s depthFrom the shelter of my chair,The light turns after a timeTo darkness; the former substanceOf my metaphysics dissolvesBefore my failing eyes. Soon,My sophistries warmed by the fire,I will again entertain KantAnd Dostoevsky, who returnWith the pleasant evenings. We talk,On the page, of […]

d.j.t. and the language of impudence – Robert Alan Rife

  you carve away your slabs of inconvenience with silver spoon,handed to you in confidence that you mightearn your own pottage.through flared nostrils, you billow and bluster. a pall of disagreeable swaggerposing as fortitude – your aftershave. middle-pack crow at best, your squawking tenormakes ears bleed that otherwise wouldn’t bother.but loudest means best when the bleating flock […]

Fugue (After Trakl) – Cody Simpson

I hear a death rattle in the night.A soft moan in the distanceSuffuses the atmosphereWith longing. Passing cars playAn inhuman music, their howlsDrifting in from nearby highways,Dying notes on a harmonica.There is a perfect stillnessTo the land of motion, nothingStirring in the tall grasses.Tomorrow, they will be beatingThe war drums, a foreknowledgeOf the disaster moving […]