Glass Enclosure – Ryan Quinn Flanagan

  There was a glass enclosure inside the glass enclosureto keep everything in –the glass most of all, being so breakable and dangerousto elastic blood-flush skin;dermis in the sciences, like calling a secretaryan administrative assistanteverything made more complicated than it had to beso that simple understanding could not be hadand when questions arose they were […]

I woke – Matthew J Hall

from a bleak sleepmy eyes were soreand streamingin my dream I saw godhe was a sad typedeprived of sleephe was sittingin a chairin a small roomI spoke to himI said,hellohe openedhis eyesbut he couldn’tseehe said,I don’t knowwhat to doI said,nobody doeshe was stilllikeold stonehe didn’t tell mebut I could tellhe’d forgotten howto movehe said,I’m so […]

Style Section – Jonathan May

  the Four Seasons in the forest city has no menu;guests forage from what the chef tosses out—chanterelles, licorice, octopus, crème anglaiseeven the giant bird people drop an elk by(on occasion) and society women in Commedes Garçon ravage it with their naked mouthssusurrus of leaves and wings please auralpalates—ambiance fit for that important lunch;remember to […]


  (For my father)I have slept wintersIn gulag cold, in beds too farFrom the warmth of the stoveAnd I have shared blankets withA woman so bedbug crazyOn so many pain killers shePissed the bed in her sleepAnd her urine was ice coldI have watched my daughters’ tearsFreeze on their cheeksLike the notes on the neckOf […]

Yage and Mezcalito Euphoria – Catfish McDaris

  Astride a flying llamaseeking yage children with no bonesjunkie gringos shooting mezcalito wormsfrom the heads of beautiful senoritasThe Andes comb the skyfor clouds and thunderpain dances on the horizonwith Aztec dragons and jade jaguarsSaturn and Jupiter make love to the sunFrequent coincidence is not happenstancea force beyond comprehension drivesforgotten rain ghost faces and moon […]

Operation Staffhound – Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron (Read by Eric Robert Nolan)

“This is a book someone could turn into a Hollywood movie… a triumph of risk” – Ira Lightman, Ink Sweat & Tears.Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron’s The Pustoy was released in 2014 by Dagda Publishing. A dystopian novella-in-verse, The Pustoy speaks of a near-future Britain, and the blind eye it appears to be turning to an ongoing, mass genocide. The […]