About B.A.D.


The world is taking a turn for the worst. Wars, political and religious, continue to rage; brutish politicians soak up media limelight; technological advancement and our unquenching demands on natural resources ravish the planet. Art is nothing if not social commentary, and we want to be the soapbox from which to comment.

The Bees Are Dead is a transatlantic webzine and online publisher committed to creating a safe-haven for all cynical, satirical and downright sceptical poetry, flash fiction and photography. We are fans of the dystopian and will consider any work that the author might define as: Dystopian; Industrial; Urban; Political; Apocalyptic; Post-apocalyptic; Satirical; Sci-fi; Futuristic; Brutalist; Experimental; Protest.

Of course, work accepted is not limited to the above. Work may be fantastical, historical, or set in modern times in the ‘real world’. However, we would ask that in these cases, the work still provides some form of social commentary.

Why ‘The Bees Are Dead’?
It is an established theory that the fate of humans, and indeed other animals, is intricately entwined with that of bees. The extinction of bees entails the end of a vast means of pollination and, as such, the ability to sustainably produce food.
A world in which The Bees Are Dead is one teetering on apocalypse; one where the world’s politicians have failed to serve their basic function; where, in the face of catastrophic adversity, society’s grit and moral fibre will truly be tested. These are all themes that we wish our webzine to explore.

Not to mention we get to use the acronym B.A.D. Press – which is pretty cool.


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